Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My seat is among spectators
to a circus named lawsuit
I have no place on arena floor
where Man of Malice is encompassed.

What is hatred's boundary?
How far does its cancer spread?
Can numbers compute its injury?
Does Mammon reward its minions?

This is not court of my recourse
for You, O YHWH, are my King and my God.
My heart seeks You for recompense
and waits upon You for restoration.

But let there be before You
no testimony against injustice
nor argument for equity
for I am too poor to pay.

The bondservant needs no audience
from the Lord Who is Judge.
You own injured and injury
to You alone belong all debts.

If your maid has favor in Your sight
if any plea is brought before You
let my Lord give award to whom I injure
let my Lord restore what I have damaged.